Core i7 Final parts list

Hello, I have talked to numerous people on this topic.

We have gone to MicroCenter, and pointed us toward these parts.

This is our partslist.

We are going to buy this on Thursday. the $80 off the processor deal ends Friday I believe, so if we don't go Thursday, I don't get a computer at all.

Processor: Core i7 920 2.66 ghz 199.99

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD4P LGA 1366 259.99

Memory: Corsair DOMINATOR 1600mhz 3gb 88.99

Video Card: XFX 4890 1GB HD-489A-ZDEC 249.99

This is the FINAL parts list, after asking the Tom's Hardware community, and doing immense amounts of research. Thanks for everything!

Once again, just let me know if there's something we're overlooking.

Note: I didn't use the template this time because I only need to look into a few parts.
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  1. Go OZC plat for the ram. 114$ for 6 GB on newegg and its 1600 same as the dominators.
  2. Get 6GB of ram, the platinums have better timings than the dominators, the dominators are way more expensive than they should be. If you dont necessarily want HAWX you can save some money and get a faster graphics card.
  3. Are all the latency timings the same? I think they are.

    I have OCZ memory right now, I'd buy them again if they were comparable. I'll have to check with MicroCenter on price terms, I'd get the 6gb if it's the same speed as Corsair.

    EDIT: Sorry Hunter315 I posted this before your post came up. Unless HAWX is in the video card box, I'm probably not getting it. I'm getting these parts at MicroCenter, the newegg links are only there for performance and specs reference. Actually come to think of it, that's not even the right price.

    At MicroCenter I received a quote from the people that work there. After tax and everything, my total is 816.16.

    I would love to get a GTX 285, my card of choice. No money is my problem, but I need a computer for school. Typical middle class dilemma. I will see if MicroCenter carries the XXX edition.
  4. The dominators you linked are CL8, the OCZ platinums are CL7
  5. Oh, really? Wow nice. They're 99.99 at MicroCenter after rebate savings. I might be able to convince my dad to spend the extra $20 to double the system memory, while making it slightly faster.

    Is there anything else I missed, relating to the motherboard? I plan on overclocking to around 3.5ghz, but only after I get an aftermarket cooler.
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