My cpu is bottle necking my video card, any advice on OC ??

My system specs are:

E5300 dual core (stock intel fan)
Nvidia GTX 560
2 GB ram
2 HDDs (320 +500)
G31 mobo
550 watt cooler master PSU

i already Overclocked it from 2.6 to 2.8, but i am still facing FPS problems, So guys according to my specs what is the max OC that i can reach ?? is it worth it to get an after market heat sink like the 212 Cooler master ?? and what is the max OC i can reach with this stock heat sink ??

I know i will have to change the cpu + mobo sooner or later, but i just got the gtx 560 and it will really be nice if i can overclock to get some performance boost until i make some changes around.

Thanks in advance
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    Which G31 motherboard? If Gigabyte, I can give you some OC suggestions.

    You should be able to reach around 3.5 - 3.6 GHz or so. Some samples of the E5200 series chips can reach 4 GHz. THe best that I have been able to do with an E5200 is a little over 3.75 GHz.

    The G31 is an economy chipset will an upper FSB limit of about 350 MHz. The E5200 series is a pretty good candidate for overclocking because the FSB is so low (200 MHz) and the internal multiplier is, for a Core2 CPU, so high. That combination means the motherboard or memory will not be the limiting factor.

    I have no idea how far you can push the chip using the stock heatsink. That will depend on load temps. With a Hiper 212+, you will likely be able to reach a max of 1.45 volts before you reach Intel's recommended max load temp of a little over 70 C.
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  3. Thanks man that was really helpful, and btw my mobo is gigabyte g31, so maybe i will start at 3.4 and keep monitoring temperature and system stability.
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