Laptop wont Boot!

I was on my Laptop when it suddenly froze. I didnt have time to take care of the issue so I shut the screen. When I went to turn it back on I got a Black screen with just the mouse pointer visable.

I shut the computer down by holding in the power button.

When I pressed the power button in to turn it back on it gets to the microsoft corp and the green loading line that scrolls in the center of the screen. Nothing loads up and the screen stays here.

Ive shut it down again by holding in the power button.

I have done this a few times and the only other diffrence is sometimes I get the screen that says "system error recovery".
It gives two options. The first is to run system recovery and the other is skip.

Ive done both options and neither worked. The system recovery goest through the whole process but then says unable to repair. The skip brings me to a black screen with the mouse pointer.

Any help? Thank in advance!
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  1. Bump Before I bring it to the "experts"?
  2. Brand, model, etc might help ...

    Sounds like you scrambled the graphics driver.

    Boot to safe mode if it is WinXP and redo the driver.

    Must admit I havn't had to do this on a lappy.
  3. Acer Aspire 57202. Running Vista

    I brought it to a shop today and they said without looking at it "to me it sounds like the hard drive".

    Before bringing it to the shop I actually got the computer all the way to the log on screen (after going through the system repair process). I wasnt able to log on due to the keyboard not responding. Yesterday it was the opposite, I was able to type but didnt respond to the enter key or the mouse when clicking log on.
  4. They might be right.

    Since it runs Vista I can't help you.

    I live Vista free ...
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