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hey hi ...i need a lil help here i hav pc of pantium 4 and my problem is i recently bought a hitachi 500gb internal SATA hard drive and i hav a IDE 40gb hard drive as master on my pc now the thing is i bought a ULTRA CONVERTER to convert my SATA TO IDE and attache my hitachi 500gb hard drive to my mother board but my system does not detects the hatchi 500gb SATA hardware ..
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  1. Have you tried going into BIOS i have the same HDD and my computer noticed it ASAP
  2. yes, i hav tried from BIOS but still my computer does not detects the hardware :(
  3. Is there power? updated BIOS?
  4. hey blade i did not get the power part u said ,but what i do know is that my BIOS is not updated and i never did the BIOS update because i dont wanan take risk on the BIOS chip and the other thing is i never did any update of BIOS and so i afraid if i mess up with my BIOS i might lose my BIOs chips which i dont want to coz i hav a every old pantium 4 pc.. i might not get it's BIOS chip again ...i know blade ur trying to help me out here and i also "You gotta risk it to get the biscuit" but still is there any other way with out updating bios ?????????
  5. when i built my first computer i forgot to plug in the power cable to the harddrive.

    and im not sure of any other ways to update a BIOS
  6. hey there hi, yes i checked it power cable it is plugged ..and i hav decided to upgrade my BIOS.By using a using a software i found out my mother boards info..and here is the info..

    BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award
    BIOS Date: October 13th 2004
    BIOS ID: 10/13/2004-i845G-W83627-6A69VRMBC-00-None
    BIOS OEM: Intel,845GL/GV -005 - 6.00 PG
    Chipset: Intel 2560 rev 3
    SuperIO: Unknown
    Manufacturer: Unknown
    Motherboard: i845G-W83627

    so can u help me in finding out the correct BIOS update for info..mention above??
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