System Locks up-Cannot find a reason

I am still experiencing an issue with my computer locking up when i attempt to play ANY mmo. Normal games run fine, an mmo will lock up Guaranteed, sometimes 5 minutes after i log in, sometimes 5 seconds. I have already done a great deal of Troubleshooting to find the issue:

I have run memory diagnostic-clean
I ran OCCT to test the processor-1hr burn in test-no errors
Same Occt test on GPU-no errors
My power sypply is Brand New-OCZ 700w

Computer Specs-
Board-Asus P5N32-E SLI plus
OCZ Reaper pc-6400 4x1g sticks
Intel 775-Core 2 quad 2.4ghz
GTX 285 EVGA graphics card 1gb

If anyone can help-Please feel free to ask for any further information you might need.
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  1. How long has this been happening? Is it a new build? If not, what changed before this problem started occuring?

    What OS are you running? Download the most recent set of drivers for your GPU from Nvidia.
  2. I only have had the problem since i tried using one of the MMOs about a week ago. I played the same game without issue about 8 months ago.
    A little progress has been made though--
    Originally i hadnt assumed the firewall to be an issue because i have tried it in both xp and win 7 64bit. Also because it worked before with the win firewall.
    Now, i disabled the firewall in windows 7 and it ran the game for near an hour until it locked up. And this time, the lockup changed. Instead of locking up my sound and video, it just locked the video, and the sound continued fine. I still had to reboot manually, but its a step in the right direction.

    All my drivers are up to date as well- I did a reinstall first due to the freezing, so the os is fresh as well.
  3. ekoostik said:
    How long has this been happening? Is it a new build? If not, what changed before this problem started occuring?

    What OS are you running? Download the most recent set of drivers for your GPU from Nvidia.

    Hey, thanks for getting back to me, i replied on the thread, but i thought i would contact you as well. Unfortunately things changed since then. The problem is just as bad as it was. I thought i had an improvement with the windows firewall off, but it really is just random when it is going to freeze, sometimes it gives me almost an hour before it does it. It really does feel like a network problem to me though, being that only MMos do it. Empire total war runs fine offline with the graphics turned all the way up. Let me know if you might have any ideas, i open to anything at this point. This issue has been eating at me worse and worse.

  4. Do you have anti-virus software installed? Which one?
  5. Right now im running without anything.
  6. Maybe it's overheating your graphics card. Use HWMonitor or GPU-Z to monitor the GPU's temps. I think one of those will let you save the temps to a log file so you can check them after a freeze/crash.

    Also, after the next freeze/crash, open the Event Viewer. Look under "Administrative Events" or the Application events and the System events. Look for any warnings or errors that happened at the time of the crash.
  7. I dont think it is an overheating issue. I always use the fan on my video card at full when i am gaming. It is always cool when the crash happens. I also have tried the memory. Even though OCZ said that the memory is ok to run hot, i cooled it with a fan, and it still crashed. As far as the event viewer i do have three events that happen when it crashes. They seem somewhat nonspecific though. I think it is because the crash does not generate a bsod. It just locks and requires a reboot. One is a Critical-Kernal Power-The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. The other is - Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0--The other is a Warning that i see around when it crashes-Name resolution for the name timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.-Not sure if it is related or not. I am going to be doing some testing on it today at a friends house. I am going to try and swap multiple parts with his computer to eliminate memory and whatever else i can. But as far as temperature, i think i have ruled that out. The crashes done always occur after playing a game for a while letting the computer heat up. A lot of the time it crashes just after i enter the game. Usually when i start to interact with people or objects in the mmo. Other games, like empire total war run fine with all the graphics turned up to max. The only difference being that it is not online. I have also done multiple burn in tests for my video card and processor with OCCT to test and see if they fail, but they all run the full hour extreme burn in test fine.
  8. It turns out it was a weird video card error. I swapped cards, and the other one works fine. EVGA is doing an RMA on it for me.
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