Help setting up a wireless network with att using zyxel NBG-419N

There is a problem between the modem and the router. When I run diagnostics there is a red line with an X between the modem and router. We use ATT and they will not help with wireless connections. If it matters we use DSL.

The cables are all where they need to be (I had a Tech person go over this with me over the phone) and I have switched them out in the off chance that one of the cords was bad.

I thought maybe it was a problem with bridging the router through the zyxel configuration settings (WDA) but I could not get the AP + Bridge setting to work.

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  1. need to describe your setup a bit more please,

    do you have a modem - router - pc setup?
    or modem router is 1 bit of kit?

    are you wireless or wired setup to the router? if wireless does wired work?

    does your PC get an IP address?
    can you ping the router?
    can you ping

    if this is too tecky, say and ill provide better steps to follow.
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