Change Graphic Card on Old PC - Need Help

Hi all,

I'm planning to upgrade my PC as I have to buy a graphic card for an also old P4 2Ghz.

My plan is to move my ATI9800Pro AGP to that PC and buy a new or used for my PC.

My PC specs:

- Athlon Barton Core 2800+ (can be overclocked is required...)
- 1,5Gb RAM
- Windows XP
- Monitor Resolution usually 1024 x 768

I play games OCASIONALLY, and not up-to-date games (like Elder Scrolls). Ideally, I would like to be able to play Diablo III or some MMORP (but by now don't wanna pay money every month, and don't have enough time!)

Being in mind it has to be and AGP card, what is your sugestion?

I have found this ones in a local shop:

512MB ATI SAPPHIRE 2400 AGP ------------ (45 euros)
512MB ATI ASUS HD3450 AGP DDR2 HDMI - (52 euros)
512MB ATI SAPPHIRE X1650PRO AGP ------ (52 euros)
512MB ATI SAPPHIRE 3650 AGP ------------ (60 euros)
1GB ATI ASUS HD4650 AGP DDR2 ---------- (91 euros) - really out of my budget, but if its REALLY worth...
512MB ATI SAPPHIRE HD3850 AGP DDR3 --- (96 euros) - really out of my budget, but if its REALLY worth...

Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks!
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    this is good, the ATI sapphire you have up there, 3650. Go wwith my link cuz i don't know the bus width on ur 3650, they come in different bus widths, it is 93 in USD but don't know how much in euros
  2. The 3650 would be ideal, the 8 Euro difference is very a small amount to pay for a little bit of a better performance. The 4650 would be severely handicapped (as was shown on some of Tom's articles lately) with your barton. However, I ain't sure on how big the improvement would be as I have no experience dealing with single-cores with a new gen vid card.
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