AMD chipset 785G

The newest chipset from AMD has arrived. Just small improvements, but since it will come with a new BIOS it may be handy for builds where just one full-speed PCI-E slot is needed.

Consider it a 780G replacement. It comes in both AM3 and AM2+ flavors. It comes in both ATX and mATX sizes.

Gigabyte has one they are listing as having two PCI-Ex16 slots, but this does not mean both will run at X16 together. The chipset limitation should be 20, and not capable of crossfire.

Prices look OK to start:
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  1. I've been reading the online reviews for the 785G today. It looks like a great foundation to build a HTPC around.
  2. Yep not an MSI fan but the I was kinda grooving on the black layout and built-in MB speaker.
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