Top vs. side flow cpu cooling

With all variety of cpu coolers out there, I'd like to know whether a side-flow (i.e, hot air is moved straight out the back of the case instead of being blown over the cpu and mobo) is better than a top-flow cpu cooler.
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  1. most newer CPU coolers tend to blow the air flow towards the back or in some cases towards the roof of the PC case. The reason some CPU coolers blow down on to the mobo is to cool the VRM's - but this is easily cured with modern HSF's that direct some air flow to the VRM's as well as blowing out the back of the case.

    Socker 775 would be good with the Artic Cooling Freezer Pro... Socket 1366 - Titan Fenrir
  2. @ ulysses35: thanks for the info;

    does it mean than a side-flow cpu cooler is currently better than top-flow cpu coolers since you're not re-circulating hot air in the case?

    i'm trying to build a system:

    cpu: amd phenom ii x4 955
    mobo: asus m4a78-e
    case: thermaltake tower element s

    would you have any suggestion for a cpu cooler for this config?
  3. I have shared a series of e-mails w/ the Prolimatech folks with regard to how best to position their cooler. It's one that you can install in any direction you want and has the easiest mounting system ever employed according to most test sites.

    Based upon their tests, and contrary to my assumption, the best way to install the cooler is to blow air to the rear of the case. Given the laws of Physics, I woulda said blowing straight up and out the 200m case top fan but their test showed slightly better performance blowing to the rear .... I'm guessing that in that set up it get cooling both ways from hot air rising as well the push - pull to the rear.
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