Corsair H100 Thermal paste error

So I recently got a corsair H100 with a bunch of bent radiator fins which I'm not happy about, but that's not the point I just wanted to give that little rant. The thermal compound on my H100 seems to be missing a small line of paste in the middle of it. Could this pose any sort of problem? The size of the line is about the same as this " l " text actually I think it's almost exact. If it does should I put a small speck of AS5 to cover it up? Thanks for any help.
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  1. You don't need very much thermal paste...most say the size of a grain of rice is about right...even too much. I guess if you wanted to do it yourself, clean off the paste on there and do it yourself.

    I'd be a little unhappy about the bent fins, but they are usually easily straightened if you want. Just be aware if any are loose/no longer soldered to the tubes. If so...make sure you use in having something brand new that's broken.
  2. Could you post a pic of it? I've personally never seen the base of an H100.

    I have had some coolers with weirdly-shaped preapplied TIM though.
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