Setting up Raid in W7 = BSOD


I'm trying to setup RAID5 on my P6T mobo, W7 machine. I have 3 Barracuda 1TB and 1 WD 500gb. I'm trying to make the RAID5 out of the 3 1TBs, windows is currently on my single 500gb drive.

Everything is working fine in BIOS, RAID5 volume has been created in the [ctrl + i} menu. No problems. However, when I boot to W7, I instantly get BSOD. I don't think I'm missing any drivers, but, I dunno, SOMETHING's gotta be wrong.

The P6T setup CD only comes with RAID drivers for install during installation of windows, not for installation later.

Can anyone make some suggestions?
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  1. Best answer should help you resolve your issue. You'll have to set the controller back to what it was at W7 installation time.
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  3. Fixed! Thx!
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