OCZ Vertex 3 240gb max iops-does anyone knowledgable think it matters?

I am a computer expert, but not a SSD expert. I have been trying to figure out if I should return my 240gb Vertex 3 I just got and get the 240gb Vertex 3 max iops version in a couple weeks. I only have a week time frame to return my current drive. What I have read is that there is a BIG difference in the 120gb Vertex 3 to 120gb Vertex 3 max iops in performance. And that there is going to supposedly be NO real world (pc vantage) difference between the 240gb and 240gb max iops. I know that the specs on the max iops is going up 5000 to 10000 iops, but the sequentials might actually go down. I don't really understand iops, and Anand says anything over 20000 you won't see any benefit in speed (except benchmarks). My main reason for an ultra fast SSD, coming from an Intel G2, and before that a Velociraptor, is that I want the FASTEST windows everyday operating system performance, and fastest virus scan performance. So I guess I want the fastest random small read speed. Does this iops issue matter to me? I don't sit there copying movies all day or anything, so I could care less if my sequential is 510mb/s or 490mb/s. Is the max iops 240gb going to be any faster for os performance or just marketing b.s.? I realize it "might" be faster for a server or virtual machine that is getting hammered from megasources, but for normal peoples use is there any difference? Thanks
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  1. These drives have "floating points of performance" based on the AVERAGE data's compressibility.. throughout the ENTIRE logged on session. This can constantly change from day to day and streaming media can have larger impacts than most realize. More nand gets hit which brings the overall averages down due to increased throttling and the necessary on the fly cleaning that is needed at times(though additional idle time can circumvent some of that).

    That being said the 120GB MI will have much more headroom as a result of the much faster(about 70MB/s) incompressible write speed(remember this affects the average as the worst case will bring the best case down an extra notch(or 2 if on the weaker side) and should not be overlooked. Think of it as having additional headroom as well if the faster 120GB MI drive slows a bit.

    The basic reality is that the 120GB V3 was/is weakish in the writes and the gap was easily overcome by the MI version whereas the extra small file performance or the 240 version will not be enough to bring up the overall average enough to warrant a return like that. If you didn't have the drive yet?.. then by all means spend the extra cash and just get the better MI version but unfortunately it's not going to blow your mind if you swapped it out at this point.
  2. Th SSD Review web site published a review of the OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB ssd yesterday:


    From the review:

    "If I had the Vertex 3, there is absolutely no reason for the upgrade as both are virtually identical in typical consumer scenarios......"

    Not the greatest technical review. It would have been better if the author had privded a few more explanations and provided practical examples that users could relate to.
  3. Now corsair is claiming they are coming out with 85000 iops. Will it really matter?
    I predict exact same performance as Vertex 3
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