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I have an Acer 9810 Laptop. I cannot access the Bios Setup Utility while pressing the F2 key when the Acer Logo posts up. I have done this many many times with no problem. I upgraded to the latest bios a few weeks ago and everything works great as far as the XP Pro OS and booting is concerned. I have no problems with any apps as well. BUT... I cannot access the Bios Setup. Your help would be appreciated.....Thanks
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    Acer 9810 - Enter BIOS procedure
    1. Power down the laptop (not reset)

    2. hit the power button and hold down F2 key

    F2 must be pressed before you see thw grey screen.

    You may still hold down F2 until BIOS open.

    I think help unplug the power cord and use laptop's battery.
  2. Francesco_37...Your explanation to fixing this problem worked perfectly !!! Thanks
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