Phenom II 955 with SSD vs just i7 rig

With my budget i can afford to get either a Phenom II 955 system with a intel x25-m G2 80gb SSD or a i7 920 system with caviar black. What do you guys and girls think?
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  1. Need more information than that, processor choice depends alot more on intended usage than what storage device you can fit in the budget with it. If you are gaming you might want to spend more on a graphics card than a SSD, and if you are doing encoding and such the i7 is a better idea. The choice of hard drives isnt that important.
  2. ok, details.....

    Budget is $1,400 USD

    My #1 priority is gaming on a 1680x1050 22" monitor.

    planning on getting a 4890 toxic graphics card, i think that should have me covered til dx11 and then some.

    The reason i'm considering the SSD is because i'd like my games/OS to load as quickly as possible. So, if a phenom II with ssd is faster than i7 without due to taking care of HDD bottleneck i'd rather get that system since gaming is comparable on both.

    Any more questions ask away community.
  3. I highly agree with hunter315 but I also want to add that I think at this point and time SSD's are a little bit a waist of money of course you have all the added benefits of the speed but 200$ for 80gb just isn't worth it. In my own opinion I would match the caviar black with the Phenom II 955. What do you think?
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    the ssd will shave a couple of seconds off boot and game loading times .

    The intel or amd rigs will perform similarly in games . Possibly the AMD will have less variation between max and minimum fps . Possibly the intel will peak a little higher .

    Buy the AMD and the WD black IMO + a 24 inch 1080p LCD
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