I truly apologize for the newbieness but

How exactly do you align the stand-off holes of the MB with the MB tray as the instructions on my HAF 932 are telling me to do.... I bought a Crosshair III board and am trying to figure out exactly how it wants me to screw the MB into place but I only see 9 holes on the MB and they are for the #6-32 screws I am assuming and not the stand-off ones. I would just take the MB out of the little box that it's in and mess around with it but I want to make sure I am doing this right before I touch the MB as I don't want to break anything.

Again sorry this is my first time building a machine :(
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  1. You have to work out where to put the stand offs in the case .

    You dont have to have stand offs corresponding to every mounting hole in the mb

    If you carefully handle the mb by its edges and hold it above the mb tray. It should be obvious where the stand offs need to be inserted to hold the board in place , and stop it flexing .

    While you are working on the mb put it back down on the plastic bag it came in , with the foam from the box under that.

    Insert the processor [ checking alignment carefully] and using NO force. Then insert the ram without touching the contacts or ram chips . Some pressure is required to snap the clips to the closed position . Make sure the notch in the bottom alligns with the notch in the slot .

    Then install the heat sink fan for the cpu and plug its power lead in to the mb

    Then mount the mb in the case , which already has the power supply in place
  2. The standoffs are usually brass and have a spot for a screw to screw into them on the top. You put 9 standoffs in the case directly under each hole in the motherboard. You then install the motherboard and put screws through the holes in the motherboard and into the standoffs.

    I hope this helps. I'm not sure exactly what you're asking.
  3. Ok thanks guys this is what I thought but for some reason when I tried to screw the screws into the stand-off screw just to see if that's what you are supposed to do they didnt appear to screw into them I guess I just have to use more force.
  4. it should screw in easily, your case may have come with two types of screws, one of the PSU and case panels and the other for the motherboard mounting, make sure you are using the right ones and dont crank them down too tight, just firmly.
  5. Yea, computers use both coarse and fine-thread screws. The ones that screw into the standoffs are fine-threaded. The optical drive screws are also fine-threaded, but the HD screws are coarse.
  6. After the hsf is firmly in place on the cpu I only handle the mb by the heatsink . Its a nice convenient handle to lift things by .

    Its also a decent test that its firmly in place !
  7. So they put the wrong size screws in the same bag with the stand-offs thats what got me...... Does anyone know if I can install the aftermarket CPU cooler after the MB is installed? If not I will just go for the stock one now.
  8. I have 2 x 2GB RAM Dual Channel can anyone tell me what slots they should go in on this board the diagram is confusing in the paperwork. DIMM A1 DIMM B1 / DIMM A2 DIMM B2. Should it go in A1 and A2 or A1/B1 which would be right next to each other
  9. The two that are right next to each other, on the ASUS M4A79T Deluxe they both went into the orange slots farthest from the CPU, the color may be difference but the location should be the same.
  10. Sorry again.... once I get everything physically connected am I supposed to go into the BIOS first or install the OS? Also since I will be hooking this rig up to my 50" HDTV will I need to use a standard monitor first or should I be able to hook up my 4870 w/HDMI and it should come up without installing drivers and everything else first?
  11. go into the bios, change the boot order so the optical drive is first, set your memory timings while you are in there if you need to, then install the OS.
  12. hunter315 said:
    go into the bios, change the boot order so the optical drive is first, set your memory timings while you are in there if you need to, then install the OS.

    Do you think it will plug into my 50" HDTV via HDMI and display without installing any of the video card drivers first?
  13. Thanks for your super quick responses and your help btw hunter315! You are always first lol!
  14. I do what i can, i dont know if it will work without any drivers, i would have a monitor i could use just in case it wont work right off the bat, i have never tried using HDMI as a primary output.
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