Xp boot without selecting user

I installed Win XP and gave my name instead of just leaving the name blank as I have in the past.

Now, when I get an update, my computer waits until I click the mouse on my name before it fully reboots.

How do I remove my name so that it fully reboots? (I am the only user.)
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  1. dag001, you do not want to go online with an open XP like that. Get used to having a user name, AND *password* to start up your computer. Without that step, you open your computer to too many hacking activities. Also, keep your log-on user a non-admin level user. This will save you headaches in the future.

    If you still want to do this open machine configuration, go into "user accounts" in control panel, then pick the option to "change the way users log on and off" and try a different log on screen. See how that works for you. Or maybe in the 'group policy' editor you may find what you want, mine will not open at the moment.
  2. I only go online with Zone Alarm active. That puts a stop to all that foolishness.
    Unfortunately, your suggestion with 'user accounts' will not let me change names to a null / return...
    I don't know what or where the 'group ploicy' is located, or what it does.

    Thanks for answering..
  3. I haven't used tweakui in a while, but it used to have an auto login feature. Scroll down on this link to find tweakui.

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