Bigtime vcore drops on asrock p55 extreme

i can't see anywhere else to post this, so i'm just going to dive right in, and the mods can move this if they need to.

hello all, i joined so i could pose this question to people with more experience than i have. i bought off a friend who was moving to asia an i5 750 based computer on an asrock p55 extreme board (for a coll 100 dollars ). i told him i'd get it up to 4ghz, and after i purchased an antec kuler 620 and fit a push/pull fan profile up for it, i did so. but i couldn't get it to pass prime for the life of me. nothing i did made any difference until i lowered the voltage on my ram by a click, which seems strange. then it got way more usable, but still not passing prime. i'm unable to get to 3.8 with the following voltages:

vcore: 1.4
vtt: 1.354
ram: 1.643
pll: 1.878
pch: 1.113
qpi: 6.112gt (this is the lowest setting available)

i felt that i was narrowing in on stability, but this is the wall. then i noticed that my vcore was all the way down at 1.2v in cpu-z! 1.2! no wonder i can't get it stable even at 3.7. but the thing is, it doesn't matter whether i have vdrop on or not. in fact it drops less when i do. i can't seem to find load line calibration anywhere in the bios. do i have to put vdrop on and just crank the hell out of the voltage, or is there something else i can do?


i5 750
asrock p55 extreme
corsair tx750
4gb xms 3
powercolor 5770
antec 620 kuhler
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  1. in fact, the vcore is changing all the time by as much as .25v
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