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I've been using an Athlon 5200+ to do Autocad and Inventor for a couple of years now, and it's worked well. I am ready to upgrade to a AMD Phenom II X4 965 at 3.4 Ghz and want to know what is the best motherboard on the market. I like Asus, which is what I have now but am not locked to any manufacturer. What do you suggest?
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  1. We've had a few threads in the past asking about systems for Autocad and similar programs. The general consensus is that a quad core cpu based system would be best. The choice for a motherboard would depend on additional motherboard features and requirements. For example, do you plan on using just one video card or multiple video cards? Standard ATX size or micro ATX motherboard? Are you a hardcore gamer into serious overclocking?

    Here is a link to a variety of AM3 Phenom II x4 compatible motherboards, including several ASUS motherboards:
  2. I all my mobo's where asus till i upgraded to AM3, at which point i decided to give it a try with gigabyte, and thing is, i'm loving it...

    i have one of thise very nice upgradability, huge storage capability,(6 sata II slots from the southbridge plus 2 more sata controllers for 4 more sata II ports, which totals at 10, plus 1 ide for 2 devices, and older harddrive or an optic drive) you have 2 16x PCI-e slots, just in case you thing about going pro crossfire with a pair of AMD FirePro V8750 =P it has a nice overclocking performance in case you wanna hold on a little bit more in the end before a new upgrade. Plus it has 1 thing i like a lot which is dual bios, might save a lot of work, already had it recover the bios a few times... (dam power outages) dual gigabyte bla bla, it has a few more nice features you can find out later.
    if your more on a budget or wanna save up for 1 AMD FirePro V8750 you have the younger sister board the which takes away 1 of the PCI-e sata controllers which only gives you a maximum of 8 sata connections onboard, one of the PCI-e 16x is only 8x and also just 1 Gigabyte port instead of 2... other then that its prety much the same but you can save a few coins if you dont need any of the hardcore user features =)
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