Worth OCing?

Wondering if my rig is worth overclocking for Battlefield 3 when it's released.


AMD Phenom II X4 840 (stock cooler)
4GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM (9-9-9-24)
Asus M4A78LT-M-LE
1GB HD 5770
600w Silverstone Strider
320GB Samsung SATA HDD

The only thing that I can think of that's suboptimal at the moment is the fact that I'm only using 32bit Windows 7 Ultimate, I will be upgrading to 64bit sooner or later, or finding the 128GB patch for 32bit Windows + a tutorial so I don't *** it up. xD

At the moment I run BFBC2 at 70-120FPS+ in populated games.

Here's a CPU-Z screenshot: http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/931/worthoc.jpg

Thanks in advance.
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  1. jnetixz said:
    Wondering if my rig is worth overclocking for Battlefield 3 when it's released.

    is worth overclocking!

    Yes, it will work for bf3/mw3

    ...and get on upgrading the os to x64 so you can use your 4gb of ram!
  2. 1920x1080, and it's not GPU intensive to be honest ~ regardless of which CPU I use the 5770 isn't going to bottleneck because if that was the case it'd be bottlenecking with BFBC2.

    My main concern is finding out how to safely OC my x4 840, and after 15 mins ~ of reading, I'll be waiting until I have a non-stock CPU cooler — just ordered a Noctua NH-D14 so I'll bump this once it arrives and whatnot.

    Thanks for the help thus far.

    P.S: My motherboard supports a maximum of 95w CPU wattage, the x4 840 is already 95w; will overclocking cause system instability?
  3. I will wondering if overclock use stock cooler and ram value (I don't know ram ) oc non be cpu need strong ram / must have heatsprider
  4. Quote:
    First of all, you can't compare BC2 and BF3. Two different engines scaled very differently with BF3 being way more intense graphics and processing wise.

    Recommended GPU for BF3 are 560 and 6950

    You will most likely be able to play with half the settings turned to low and other special settings turned off @ decent fps.

    but to have the game played as it was meant to be, you will want a 2nd gpu or a new gpu like the 7000 series coming out.

    Not saying your 5770 is garbage but you could improve it with a nice oc and adding a 2nd will just make it all the funner and more enjoyable gaming experience on BF3.

    Comparing BC2 and BF3 doesn't work since the engines are completely different.

    Take into consideration BF2 and how 90% of the gaming community couldn't come close to maxing it when it released, I expect BF3 to follow suite.

    Imo only 5 things in BF3 are similar to BC2, Dogtags / Destructability (idea) / Spotting enemies / squads / attatchments (idea)

    helis and jets in BF2 = easy to fly
    helis in BC2 = retarded to fly (made for controllers aka consoles)
    helis and jets in BF3 = 5 days till I find out :D
    Heh I know what you mean, but I only said what I said because I've run BF3 (alpha) and know the 5770 is sufficient (50-90 FPS all the time, never really 'fluctuates' just decreases based on map/population/combat).

    The reason why they have recommended a 6900 series or 560 and beyond is because of the bloom fluctuation and the combined strain of farclip and AA scaling with multi GPU graphics cards — lower end graphics cards (1GB cards) barely have enough bandwidth to support the 1920x1080 resolution, let alone with AF/AA/Shadows turned up high with most modern games.

    The difference in engine isn't enough to say that lower end graphics cards won't handle the game, that would mean EA are making next to no money off the game, as the majority of their customer base (for BF3 at least) have semi-decent to decent gaming rigs.

    The point of my original post was to inquire as to whether or not the overclock potential of my x4 840 would be of large enough margin to make it worth while. While the graphics in BF3 are certainly a whole lot better than Bad Company 2, it's still a predominantly CPU-ruled game.

    Where's mosox when you need him!
  5. Quote:
    Do you need to know how to OC it?
    Yus! Worth doing it with stock cooler though, or don't bother?
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