Dual-Core or Quad-Core for running multiple games at once

So I have recently found a buyer for my old processor Core 2 2.2ghz and now and looking around to upgrade my processor for something with VT support. I know that the general rule is that higher clocked dual cores will outperform lower clocked quad cores in gaming. However this is only makes the assumption that you are gaming with a single game running.

What I intend to do is run multiple games at once such as Draconica, WoW, Mabinogi and Aion. I am still wondering whether this rule will still apply.

My current build is a Radeon HD4830 and 4gigs of DDR2 800 4-4-4 and I am limited to a socket 775 with FSB support of 800-1333mhz. My budget is $180 but if possible to reduce this amount it would be preferred since I am reusing my old rig so who knows if I will hand it down to my brother in a year or two.

I am currently looking at the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale or Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400. If anyone else would have any recommendations or comments to throw out it would be greatly appreciated.

Also I am limited in the retailers since I do not have a microcenter near me or even a car for that matter so all orders must be done online. I am currently browsing Newegg, Tigerdirect, Zipzoomfly (unfortunately Newegg and ZZF charge CA tax :( )
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  1. running multiple games at once would definitely benefit from more cores than higher clock speed.
  2. Hi Crystalarc,

    I am planning on replacing my unused E8400 (Dell OEM) in the very near future and would be willing to sell it once the swap is complete if you're interested. What are you looking to pay? Feel free to send me a PM.

  3. how are you able to play 4 games all at the same time?
  4. daviduk109 said:
    how are you able to play 4 games all at the same time?

    My question too, and why would you want too?
  5. Maybe he has 4 heads.
    A true quad core person :-)
  6. Its more like I would be vending on two games, fishing on another and actually playing on a third. that combined with the screen real estate of 2x 24" LCD monitors, I would end up cramming three games on to one screen and the fourth on the main screen. Also sometimes I watch anime or other tv shows as I leave the games up and running
  7. I suppose that is one way to progress through a mountainous backlog of games.
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    more threads / cores the better. either an amd Phenom II/atholon IIx4 cpu or intel core 2 quad, i5, or i7 for doing something like that.

    Core i7 being the best with 4 cores and 8 threads.
  9. 64bit os (if the games are compatible) and a stack more RAM as well....

    i cant see 4 games running too well on only 4gigs - also will your graphics card actually cope with this - i presume the three 'side-games' will have the settings bumped right down, it might be worth giving it a trial run just to see if it will physically go with what you've got.
  10. O dear god..... u could play the game called life :S

    i mean it cant be healthy to be playing that many games
  11. it would be the ultimate in multi-tasking
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