Cant get windows 7 to load if i overclock at all

Hello, and thanks in advance even if we don't figure it out...

Here is my set up
gigabyte ga z68x ud3h b3
2x4g ripjaws 1600
750w bronze rated
560ti zotac
if you need other components let me know

I try overclocking by setting my multiplier to 45 (4.5 ghz) steps set at 4 vcore set at 1.35 pll set at 1.1 disable c1e disable all c3/c6 state disable eist

when i go to run this windows won't boot =\ when i reset everything to normal it boots fine... this should be a relatively simple oc... please let me know what im doing incorrectly

i then tried to oc at 4ghz changing nothing else.. windows still wont load... it just goes into an infinite loops please help

thanks from a frustrated noob
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  1. what is 750w bronze rated ?
  2. psu should be fine. the most common issue when OCing these is having to much or to little voltage. I jump my voltages .01v at a time while raising the clocks 100mhz at a time. i load into a linux usb drive to run tests and then restart to do it again. it may take some time but using linux is alot better than using windows to test a OC. im assuming its a voltage issue.
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