Overclocking my AMD Phenom ii X4 965 BE

Hi, I want to overclock my cpu (if I can) to probably at most 4-4.2 GHz, is it possible with my current setup? I'd also maybe like to overclock my ram to 1866 mhz, but it isn't as important.

I'd also like to overclock the CPU/NB clock and HT link speeds

Here are the components in my system:

AMD Phenom ii x4 965 BE

ASUS Crosshair iv Formula

2x G.SKILL F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM Ripjaws 4GB 2X2GB DDR3-1600 CL7-8-7-24 <<< 4 DIMMS in total

Corsair H70 Liquid Cooling Kit

2x Radeon HD 5870
(Couldn't find a link on NCIX or Newegg...)

OCZ ZX Series 1250W 104A 80 plus Gold certified

Yea I guess those are the important components... Any tips on overclocking? Like how much to overclock at a time between stability tests, and which test to use in Prime95 when testing cpu clocks?
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  1. Hi, I've almost got a similar spec to yrs (mem,mobo all same lol). U should'nt worry about overclocking your memory as of yet. You need to start with the cpu multi first (black edition so easier). Mines currently @ 4.11Ghz @ 1.464v (but every1's is different). Follow the link below which is a beginners guide in overclocking and if you still have problems, send me a private message and ill walk you through it (can't be arsed typing as its 05:14am in the morning lol :))

  2. You aren't likely to see 4.2 Ghz. stable on a 965 Deneb CPU. Also the RAM will not likely make 1866 Mhz. either. The Thurban chips will sometimes do those numbers, but not the Denebs.

    The RAM you listed indicates it's for i5 CPUs. You need to be sure the RAM you buy is approved for AMD Phenom II CPUs.

    The Corsair H70 is a waste of money and very inefficient H2O cooler. You'd be better off with a quality air-cooled HSF and no risk of water leaks to damage your hardware. The Frosty TecH link below has all the popular HSFs and some H2O cooler test data for comparison. The Xigmatek Aegir 128264 is one of the latest new tech and greatest HSF and is cost effective at ~ 70. on Newegg.

    See the links below.


  3. Hi, no offence to beenthere as he's the veteren :) but have you read the reviews on FrostyTech, take what they say with a pinch of salt.
    An great cooler for the phenom 965 and any other cpu is the Thermalright Silver Arrow (I have 1, I should know and also read the reviews on net). You cooler is Good but needs proper fan arrangement (check net for what other users recommend), and NO it will not leak, its an all in 1 solution to prevent that!!

    4.2Ghz is just possible but NOT always (mine caps out at 4.1Ghz). The memory you got WILL work with your rig, im using the exactly the same spec but 4x 2gig sticks. Just read the link I gave you and you should be fine :)
  4. Beenthere is right about your ram thou, you will not see 1866Mhz and always remember, AMD cpu's prefer tighter ram timings than speed.
  5. I am not changing any of the hardware except maybe to bulldozer later, with asus crosshair v formula or any latest amd3+ rog boards that ASUS puts out on the market. I got the h70 on sale for 65 so I'm satisfied, and my fans are in the proper arrangement, and I'm pretty sure it won't leak...

    So far I've got it at 3.8GHZ 100% stable with the multiplier on 19 and the max cpu voltage at 1.416V, highest load temps for the CPU were 51C in 3dMark06, and 60C on Prime95 Blend test

    I tried upping the multiplier to 19.5 but it crashed, I didn't attempt to up the voltage because I want to try other things first, like HT Link speed or CPU/NB Frequency, can someone tell me by how much I should increment those?
  6. Ok, now my CPU is running at 3.8 ghz with 1.38v, 37c idle and at 60c max temp under prime95 blend test, and the CPU/nb is at 2200 mhz with 1.1 volts, everything was stable for about 30 min of prime95, I haven't tested it for long yet xD

    also, a question about crosshair iv formula's nb overheating problem, my nb is at like 54-56c on idle-load, is that normal? it seems a bit high to me

    also, about amd's imc, some people are saying having memory running higher than it's rated 1333mhz can damage the imc, is that true? I've been running my RAM 24/7 at 1600mhz for a year now 0_o
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