VISTA OEM or Windows 7 RC for New Build?

I’m in the process of ordering a pc from an online vendor and I’m trying to decide if I should buy the Vista OS w/ Free W7 upgrade OEM from them or save my money for a bit and use Windows 7 RC.

I’d be holding off primarily so that I could get the full retail version of W7 and end up with three floating licenses versus one static one - Although I haven’t actually been able to confirm that the FULL VERSION of W7 Home Premium even has three licenses. Does anybody know? - And because W7 is the leaner, meaner Vista.

My system is built around an AMD3 PII x550BE, Gigabyte 770T motherboard, 4gb DDR3 ram, and an XFX ATI 4850 1gb video card. The only thing I need the PC to do in the interim is run WoW...

Also, is there any advantage to having them do the OS install versus buying the OEM OS and doing it myself? Outside of the OS support they are "suppose to provide," the only thing I can think of that matters would be installing the correct drivers for my devices and that doesn’t seem too complicated.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. werent there deals for people pre-ordering W7?

    the only disadvantage of the rc is having to do a clean install later .... but then that might be a good thing
  2. There were some deals for upgrade versions when it first came out around June 26th, but now the rates have pretty much settled. I know you can get a family pack UPGRADE version of home premium for 149.99, which includes three licenses. I'm seeing the FULL home premium version go for 199.99, but no idea about the multiple licenses.
  3. Check around the tomshardware news page, as they were talking about the same thing ryes were talking about.
    You can buy a family pack and install W7 on three computers for jus $20 more than the price of a regular singular W7 lic. or sku. What ever you want to call it.
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