Windows 7 Sound Card Problem?

Hi I installed windows 7 32 bit and everything works properly except the sound I got the windows 7 drivers from the creative site and it installs but when i restart windows says it found hardware an is installing the sound card and it says successfully installed but when I go to the sound it says no sound device found (I thought it was the sound card) so i went to buy a new one witch was compatible with 7 and had the same problem... how can i fix this the sound card is Sound Blaster Adugiy SE please help.
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  1. I have a similar problem, with Windows 7 and a Creative Xtreme Music soundcard. However, it recognises my card and says it works properly, yet no sound comes out of any programmes. (My speakers are plugged in to the correct port and switched on!). Hope you can help - thanks!
  2. Well i bought a usb sound card from frys for 44$ it works fine for now hopefully someone can reply with a answer
  3. I believe it could have had some line level muted. The Creative software has always bee confusing to me. The fact that USB worked, but 3.5 mm did not... you gotta have some level muted.
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