9800gtx+ or gtx 260

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  1. hey psssst wanna know a secret the 9800gtx+ has a new name its now called the gts250
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    Well regardless of ANY test/tests the 260 is superior than the 9800GTX...

    The 9800GTX has 128 SP's while the 260 has 192/216 depending on model..... I used to have the 9800GTX+ and my new 260 just leaves it in the dust......

    those charts are not accurate, it shows the GX2 trailing the 9800GTX.....

    get the 260 and make sure its a (core 216).........
  3. alright thanks

    and obsidian86... what a useless comment.
  4. not useless since the 260 is based onthe newer gt200 core and a gts 250/9800gtx+/9800gx/ all the way too th trusty old 8800gt/gtx use the same core
  5. GTX 260 is my choice of the two with a 22" monitor. Plus the 896MB of ram will fair better in the future as video ram requirements increase.
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