GPU in which PCI slot?

EVGA E760 X58 SLi 3x

I'm wondering whether it matters which PCI slot the graphics cards go in...

I know from the documentation that PCI slot 2 (the first PCIex16 slot) is usually used for the primary GPU, with the SLi linked card going into PCI slot 5 (since on the E760, this is the only other x16 lane slot)...

But what I'm wondering... is can I put JUST ONE VIDEO CARD TOTAL into say, PCI slot 3 (which has a maximum of x8 lanes) and will this function?

I would just try it, but I'm trying to purchase a card, so...

Anyone know?
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  1. I think it would still work, albeit at a reduced speed, but I am still a bit confused as to why you want to put it there as opposed to the recommended slot.
  2. ^+1

    Why would you want to run the card with 8x lanes as opposed to 16x? The drop in performance depends on what card we are talking about, and while it's generally small just why would you want less performance from it?
  3. My situation is complicated... So without explaining it I was just asking a more general technical question...

    But thanks...
  4. Well, to answer your question, yes it should work. If you run into any issues, try the primary slot, but the MB should properly detect the card in the other slot (or at least not cause any damage if you want to try). I have not tried it myself, however, so no guarantees.
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