Antec 380W enough for an ATI 4650?

Hi guys, I wanna build an HTPC for my family ( they gave me a budget and I do the dirty work...). I've got most of the components sussed out.

But there is one thing I'm hesitating about. I've chosen a case which is the Antec NSK2480, it comes with an Antec 380W PSU (I'm assuming it's an Earthwatts, as it's an 80). The question is will that PSU power an ATI 4650 (and the rest of the rig) for HD playback on my TV or is that (gfx power) overkill and I should just stick to a 785 chipset mobo (AM3) with an integrated HD4200?

Thx in advance Mojito
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  1. Yes. The 380w is plenty for your system, with or without the 4650.
  2. I got a antec neopwer 550 and it does well with a 8800gtx so with you ea385 you will do fine and have room to upgrade later on. PS the ea650 isn't that great.
  3. Plenty of power for a HTPC.

    Hell my E6600(not all the power efficient) + 8800GTX(same here) system runs on a 450 watt Smart Power(this thing only has a MAX of 32 amps on 12 vs 27 on the EA380).
  4. You should not have any problems at all. The ATI Radeon HD 4650 video card is an energy efficinet card. During stress testing which is much more power demanding than home theater use, a system with the 4650 peaked at a maximum power draw at the wall outlet (mains) at 185 watts. That's for the entire system.

    Here is a link to a power consumption chart:
  5. yes
  6. Thx guys for all the help!
  7. Just to let you know you can go higher then a 4670.
  8. It's quite annoying, when manufacturers say that you need atleast a 400W.

    Just out of interrest, Invisik, how much higher can u go?
  9. Video card and power supply manufacturers overestimate power supply requirements because they know people insist on buying low budget power supplies of questionable performance and value.
  10. mojito_619 said:
    It's quite annoying, when manufacturers say that you need atleast a 400W.

    Just out of interrest, Invisik, how much higher can u go?

    About to a 4850 or 9800gtx.
  11. I'm not sure I would want to try running at 9800GTX, but I might consider some of the more power efficient cards.

    The best card I would try would be the sort of new ATI 4770-- it is a pretty low power user. Safer yet would be a 9800GT, a GT 240 or a 9600GT. (9600 and 240 are similar in power-9800 is better) All would be better than a 4670, but would cost more.

    The new GT 240s have a 300w power requirement, and the older 9800 and 9600s only have a 400w requirement, so I am certain an Antec part could handle them. Those requirements are made for cheap PSUs.,2475-19.html

    Anyhow that was mostly just for fun--if this is a family PC, it probably doesnt need anything more powerful than the 4670.
  12. from techpowerup's power consumption charts , you can have best performance with the hd 4770 with very low consumption , just 15 watts more than 4670 and that too at maximum possible usage testing(furmark) . it has double the power of a 4670 , if ure interested in gaming . if not , then for htpc etc , 4670 is good at its price .
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