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I received my 1100t the other day and finally was able to install it last night (had to do a bios update and I wanted to read up on it as much as possible without killing my board). I noticed right off the bat that my temps were super low ( in the 25-26C range) so i decided to do a little OC'ing to see what I could get out of it. I was able to get a stable 4GHz by raising the voltage to 1.44 and my temps at full load never rose above 50C and at idle are 31-33C.

I was wondering what the safe voltage ranges are for this CPU and where should I start becoming concerned with OC'ing this thing. I want to push it until I can't get it stable anymore but I just wanted some other opinions about safe voltages. Thanks so much! And here's the CPU-Z validation if anyone was wondering:
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  1. Make sure that you use Core Temp for accurate temps as other programs may provide false temps. 55C is the perferred Max. temp for Phenom II CPUs. See the links below for an excellent Phenom II OC'ing tutorial including voltages.
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    many people feel afraid with the high vcore, they regard this as a trigger for more heat to the cpu. As long as maximum temperature still recommended and no overheat. I think, the Phenom II max temp is 60C when ran at stability test like prime95/OCCT/linkpack etc.
    I'm not wondering about vcore but temperature is scare me :D. , heat is enemy hardware. As long as had good cpu cooler. It's will be fine :)

    For example in the tournament overclock, user raise their cpu
    vcore is very very high. And no damage for CPU. That's is because they are very
    cold, temperatures or use LN for cooler.

    Your vcore still low 4.1ghz 1.44v .. It's very very good. From amd still recommend high vcore is 1.45v (same default system). You had potential more higher speed clock.
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  4. Thanks for the response guys. I'm actually going to try to get a little more out of it and see if i can go a little higher. I have a coolermaster hyper+ and i just moved so my ambient temps are a lot lower as well. over heating doesn't seem like it's going to be an issue :)
  5. just be wary i set my 1100t to about the same and in windows hardware monitor it says it goes from 1.48 volts up to 1.56 or 1.57 volts even though in bios i set it where you put yours. I have 4.1 ghz stable and my max temp is 46 degrees after 4 hours prime testing (awesome low temps) I highly recommend the Zalman Z11 case for helping me get these temps :)
    Lowest is 25 26 degrees. for a 4.1 ghz OC i believe thats very good so I'm not too worried about the 1.57 volts but just hope my ASUS m5a78l Mobo can handle those voltages lol
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