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Hello, been dealing with this issue for a while, with only a little bit of troubleshooting going in to this, and was hoping for some tips. When I attempt to shut the computer down (Windows 7 Ultimate x64) it hangs at the Shutting Down screen... for hours... never actually shuts down. After 20-30 seconds there is no disk activity, so I just power it off or reset it and it's fine. Because of this method I worry about losing one of my disks, having already lost my backup storage disk as a result of this issue. In troubleshooting I have done the following:

*Logged all the way out of all profiles and then with no one logged in clicked on shutdown, but I have the same issue, so I am thinking that it is a SYSTEM process that is causing the hang up.

*Briefly checked Event Viewer and didn't notice anything.

*There was a Microsoft FixIt that I applied that was related to this, but it did not fix the issue (can't remember the KB article number).

So, I was hoping that someone could give me some advice on a good program or batch file to run that will do a good job at logging events during the shutdown process. Obviously Windows itself does this, but I was thinking more along the lines of logging specific Services as they are stopped. Any other thoughts are more than welcome. Thanks!

Oh, forgot to mention that after Windows comes up, if I try to initiate a shutdown within ~20 minutes or so, it will fully perform the command and shutdown/restart. It's only after the system has been up for hours/days that I run in to this issue.
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  1. Hi. It sounds as though a program is causing the problem or a driver . Have you noticed if it is after running a certain program? If you type msconfig in the run command you can disable services and startup programs from there .It may be time consuming but if one of then is at fault you will find it and be able to rectify the fault
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