High idle temps i7-965 with liquid cooling.

Hello Tom's Hardware!

I have a problem with my system. :( I just purchased this system on eBay recently. Everything going smoothly regarding overall performance. But there's a problem. The idle and full load temps are really high! Idle's around 50's while Load's around 80's :( I've uploaded the pictures here for reference. The only setting that I changed in the bios is the CPU multiplier which is x29. I'm wondering if the CPU block is the problem or if I should put some new thermal paste. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Your motherboard is probably throwing much more voltage than needed. What does cpu-z say the voltage is at 100 percent load? Also it's possible the block became loose during shipping, you never know.
  2. Hello! At full load, the VCore is 1.330. Not that high I think. Which part of the block is loose? Should I remove the block including the Allen Screws and tighten it back again?
  3. 1) Is your room temperature unusually high? Even liquid cooling starts with the ambient air temperature.

    2) Is the radiator getting air from inside the case, or from outside? If inside, it gets lots of hot vga air to work with.
    Better to intake from outside, I think.

    3) If the heat sink is in any way loose, you need to reseat it.
    If you do, you must clean off all of the old material and apply new.

    4) Do you do better if you remove the side covers of the case, and direct a house fan at the innards?
    If so, look at your case cooling.
  4. That vcore is too high for that overclock try setting it to around 1.25 and do some testing.
  5. Hello again!

    1. This computer system was shipped from the USA to the Philippines so it's usually hot in here.

    2. How is it possible to switch from getting air outside to inside and vice versa?

    3. I think right now the heat sink is still tight.

    4. I think I'll try this method.

    I think if I that VCore it'll restart with a BSOD with 101 meaning raising more VCore. Am I suppose to turn on the VDroop on or not?
  6. If your ambient temperature is 25c(77f.), it would be normal if your idle temp were 40-45c. or thereabouts.

    Check the airflow direction of the radiator fan. Dangle some tissue in front of the fan and see if it is sucked in, or blown out.
    You should be able to flip the fan over to reverse the direction. For best cpu cooling, it is best to give the radiator fresh outside air to work with.
    But, this will be at the expense of heating up the interior of the case. That, in torn will give the graphics cards hotter air to work with.
    Still, graphics cards are built to tolerate hot running.
  7. Hello again! Could you check the position of the CPU Block in the pictures above. Should I turn the block 180 degrees? Maybe there's a lot of heat because the flow is not correct.
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