Getting new SATA system to see old IDE Hard Drive?

Well, my ancient P4 based system finally fried itself. About time.

Since I had a perfectly good all steel case and recently upgraded PSU, I rebuilt it. Essentially, it's a new, lower end system.

Gigabyte G31M-ES2L MoBo

Pentium dual core 2200 CPU


WD 500 GB Sata Hard Drive

New fans. Old CD drive. Old, non-functioning 3.5" floppy, just for that "retro" look.

I installed a clean copy of XP Pro SP3 and it fired right up. I was VERY pleased.

Here's the rub. I have LOTS of stuff I want on my old IDE Hard Drive. After burning in the basic system, I hooked it up to power, and to an IDE ribbon cable (which I know is working -- I'm listening to Old School Rock & Blues on a CD drive which is upstream of the IDE Hard Drive right now).

I booted it up, and . . . . the system does not even see that drive as an option. It's not in "My Computer" or anywhere else I can find.

Now, I don't really care about this old drive, just the data. I've already prepared a partition on the new drive for it. Question is -- how do i GET it and copy it to the new drive?

Thanks in advance for any help, guys, you've always been great!

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    master and slave jumpers on the hard drive and cd drive .

    make the hdd master and the cd slave

    and/or temporarily disconnect the cd drive which might be faster
  2. You may have to assign a letter to the old drive in disk management in order to see it.
    +1 on checking jumper settings.
  3. Hmm. Checked the jumpers. Went into CMOS basic, tried to set the old IDE drive as slave, but couldn't find it. Disk Management is showing my nice new WD hard drive as Disk 0, but says Disk 1 is removable (H:) then at the bottom, (no media).

    Any thoughts?
  4. That was meant to say H Colon, NOT H smiley face.
  5. Maybe you need to activate the ide controller in bios (most of the time, jmicron).
  6. Make sure the drives have power.
  7. OK, I got it! Problem was that the markings on the old Hitachi HD had no relationship to the CORRECT jumper settings. Took a bit of detective work on good old Google to find them, but we're all good now. Thanks everyone for your help, it was much appreciated!
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