Dangers of OC 5670?

are there any dangers of using overdrive to max out the speeds of my video card 5670?

atm they are 775/800 and i could put them to maximum 930/960

should i do it? i dont want to burn the card
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  1. So go up in small increments and see what it can manage to hold stable with, dont just move sliders to max, maybe try the auto tune for a conservative stable O/c first
  2. auto tune is atm

    how do i test if its stable or not?
  3. Furmark 3d is a free program a lot of us use to stress gpu's, there are other I'm sure but furmarks a tested and popular one,
    my proof of stability is day to day use though, if I can play my games and work without bsod's or explosions, i see it as stable enough,
    if you use overdrive or similar to clock the card, it will set you at a low enough point that it is stable, it tests stability as part of the autotune process, although I found that they are very conservative in the process, they may put your card at 850/900 because thats a 'safe' overclock, but if you did it yourself you may squeeze it to 950/1250, each card/gpu/chip is different and its a trial and error process, hence my original advice of small increments, :)

  4. what do u mean by bsod and explosions?
    i know if i burn my card because of OC-ing my warranty will not be good, thats why i want to avoid burning it
  5. Bsod, blue screen of death/doom,
    is when your Pc crashes and posts a blue error screen, its a sign that all is not well inside your Pc
    Explosion, erm.. (racks brain) an Exothermic event usually destructive to the immediate environment caused by chemical reaction? :P
    if you O/c your card using overdrive or similar provided with the card, it wont usually go anywhere near the point of damaging your card although a manf can't really refuse your claim if they packaged it in there
    (look out for the magic words though, 'Overclocking can damage your hardware and is done at your own risk')
    in any event, theres no way they can say if you overclocked it or not
    if you aren't confident enough to push things, don't push them :)
    using overdrive is a safe sandbox version of overclocking, use it and relax,
    then when you feel a little more knowledgeable and secure tweaking it yourself, you can progress into that side confidently
  6. thank you!
  7. No problem man, enjoy :)
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