Striker 2 formula stuck on splash

I recently just received my replacement s2f, installed, and booted only for it to reach the Republic of Gamers screen and freeze. I can't enter bios, I have cleared CMOS (but I haven't take out the battery or switch the jumper or booted with a single piece of RAM). My LED poster also shows no sigh of life, not even an attempt to POST.

Would I be correct my q9550 is dead?
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  1. Remove your memory, and stick one stick into A1 and push firmly to hear to clicks :) ( Don't destroy your mobo tho ) Happened to me last week, had to clip the ram harder :P
  2. I did so, also I removed the cmos battery for about 20 mins. Booted with 1 stick, and nothing changed. The LED poster still shows no life.
  3. check the 24 pins and the 8 pins ... Check if all the stuff are plugged back as it was at first
  4. I went and bought a new PSU, and much to my anticiapted dismay, it still doesn't work. I am almost positive that my CPU is dead. So off to buy a new CPU :(
  5. Bought a new CPU, same problem. Bought a new hdd, nothing. Swapped for a single piece of Kingston pc6400, got a faint CPU init, tried clearing CMOS, and came up with same problem (led poster shows no life).
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