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Hello all,

I have an older Dell Computer that I run Ubuntu on and use as my media server, I stream my video files to my Xbox 360 with it and use it to store my pictures. It is in a RAID 1, so mirrored across two 1TB drives.
In my main computer I have another 1TB drive.

My main question is, should I stick with two separate machines or should I go with a RAID 5 in my main PC with all three drives and set up my server virtually?
Is there some pros/cons to the RAID 5 vs the RAID 1 in terms of stability.
Because my main PC can handle the virtual machines in terms of RAM and all the other aspects.

Let me know

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  1. I would keep the seperate there is no reason to slow down your main PC having a VM running in the background all the time. I would not do raid 5 on a Dell if it is using the bios raid for a standard pc these are really only ever ment to be set up as raid 1 (redundency) or raid 0 (speed) when in raid 5 this creates allot of extra work for your proccessor creating parity all the time. I would not do raid 5 unless this has a dedicatied raid card. Stability wise it would be fine I would not recomend that setup though. Also if your main rig crashes you loose it all...

  2. thanks mate
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