Which Motherboard

Parts so far

Galaxy PSU 1000w
Cooler Master S case

Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler
Creative Falality Headset
Razor Gaming Mouse Death Adder
Razor Gaming Keyboard

I want to use I7 but really not sure on motherboard want to do Aircooled not brave enough to attempt Liquid Cooling set up. Had many types of board in mind

Asus Extreme Rampage 2
Asus PT6 V2

Any help please,
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  1. Both boards are good,how much is their prices?
  2. Not so much about the price but which board will work better air cooled
  3. swap that PSU for a decent one from antec, corsair, PCP&C, OCZ or Seasonic. And you probably don't need 1000w, a 750 or 850w is all you need with a well chosen build at today's standards.

    for a mobo, a P6T will do any job you want it to do against the R2E and P6T deluxe, well, you might lose say 50MHz with an overclock but it isn't worth the extra.

    Lastly, Razer peripherals are poor quality, AVOID.
  4. PT6 will be ok aircooled then
  5. ^ do you mean the P6T or the P6T6?
  6. Asus P6T Delux
  7. Wil the V8 cpu fit
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