Upgrade or wait?

I have the gtx 9800+ I love this card! I would love a new card, I like to c what visuals new cards offer, what shal I do..wait or upgrade now...and to what?
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  1. We'll need a whole lot more information. What other parts do you currently have? What's the resolution of your monitor? Most importantly, how much money are you willing to spend?
  2. Well to reitirate what kajabla said...If you got the cash go for dual 590 GTX's or dual 6990's....I would opt for the 6990's in that scenario..Otherwise please give specifics on your set-up, budget, and use.
  3. ^nah triple 580 dude :D
    or actually maybe waterblock 6990s
  4. System is phenom x6 1090t, 8gb DDR 1333 kingston mem, corsair hx850w psu, motherboard is gigabyte ma78lmt us2h. Budget is $300 for a new card
  5. AMD 6950 or a Nvidia 570 GTX
  6. ^570, I think.
  7. ^+1
  8. lowjack989 said:
    AMD 6950 or a Nvidia 570 GTX

    wouldn't it be 6970 instead of 6950 :D
  9. Yep. 570 nonetheless.
  10. The 6970 cost $325-350...So for $300 it would have to be the 6950
  11. 570's $320!
  12. Well the OP said $300..So thats why I stated that about the 6950, I found a 570 at the EGG on shellshocker the other day for $299.00....Yeah I'd probably opt in on the Nvidia card too, maybe...I am partial to AMD...as I use AMD CPU's I like my components to always play together proper...I was one happy camper when AMD purchased ATI !!! I always stick to: AMD CPU's with AMD GPU's...Intel CPU's with Nvidia GPU's
  13. ^Nice sentiment, but it really doesn't matter. All GPUs and CPUs play nice. The same isn't true for the games - TWIMTBP games, like Crysis and Just Cause, definitely favor Nvidia cards, and the same goes for some AMD-sponsored games, I think.
  14. I recommand gigabyte 560Ti (lower prices)or 570OC (higher prices). the reason why I choose gigabyte is because the good heat dissipation by his two(560Ti) and three(570OC) inclined fans
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