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I'm thinking of building a NAS with the Norco 4220.
Can someone point out a RAID card (or cards if more than one is necessary/more cost effective) that has the following features.

Hot Swappable drives
Online capacity expansion
SAS (This only because the Norco 4220 uses SAS backplanes as far as I can tell).

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  1. What OS that are you thinking to use?
  2. Either FreeNas or OpenFiler.
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    I use FreeNAS for my personal usage and my clients

    I only have 8TB at home to stream the HD video/audio around the house

    Where my client has 40TB raw and 32TB use-able space (2TB HDD was used)

    Both systems can have more volumes, but not as ONLINE expand. Because:

    1st - when you are doing ONLINE expand, the data is at mercy of expansion process it takes a LOOOOOOONNNNNG time, because there are TWO process:

    a) increase the raid volume - that handles by raid card - it can be days
    b) increase the partition - this handles by the system - it can be days

    2nd - If you don't have the back-up, then there is a chance you will loose everything

    I would not recommend you to expand the NAS volume but rather add NEW volume so you can see more than ONE network drives

    Here is what I did.
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