Should I upgrade my PSU to run a GTX 260?

After reading some reviews, I pulled the trigger on an EVGA GTX 260 core 216.

After getting the card and reading the requirements over (a little more carefully), I'm concerned that my power supply won't be up to snuff.

Here's my power supply:

The OCZ StealthXStream 600 Watt has four 12v rails rated at 18 Amps each... and the 260 asks for 36 amps on the 12v rail. I don't know quite enough about power supplies to know whether the four 12V rail ratings at 18 amps each "satisfies" this requirement.

Any advice? Thanks for the help guys.

Linky to GPU:
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    Nothing to worry about.
    The 36 amp power reccomendation is for the entire system, not just the card.
  2. what dell user said

    also you have 48amps on your 12v rail so no need to sweat
  3. you should be fine. You can always email OCZ and ask them. Give them the full system spec. I had the same problem with an old PSU. It looked all ok but there was something odd inside so i went for a Corsair Powersupply 620W
  4. Thanks for the help guys. System is up and running now, working like a dream. Thanks!
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