Would anybody know the db of this fan on maximum speed???

Hello everybody! I have been trying to good the Cougar Vortex Fans in the internet to see the db when it is a the max (120 CFM), but I cannot find it!
Can somebody just tell me how loud does the Cougar Vortex get when put to maximum speed? Thanks!
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  1. A Google search will answer 98% of all questions asked on forums. The noise rating does not specify at what RPM but it is presumed at the max. as 1500 RPM is a relatively low fan speed. ;)
  2. So it will run at 18 db at 120 CFM?
  3. The link I gave you shows 70 CFM. Not sure where thee 120 CFM figure came from?
  4. In Newegg, you can crank the speed of the CFM to 120 that is the reason why I am wondering if the db should be higher.

    It shows in Newegg, "70.5 / 119.8 (CFM)". All I want to know...and google does not help me.
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    The line below the CFM on Neweggs page shows the db.
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