Installing XP on new HP G7-1139WM laptop

There seems to be very knowledgeable people here, so here goes:

Got a new hp g7-1139wm. Nice laptop except its got Windows 7. Pulled the original drive and stuck another 120gb drive in it and tried to load xp 64 bit. Blue screen crash and restart. Next tried xp 32 bit. same result.
Then tried a slipstream of xp that had worked on an hp laptop a year or so ago. I think that one was a g60-507dx. Anyway, now it gets past the blue screen crash but a minute or so later I get an error message that says install failed because driver called iastor.sys is not compatible.
There are no bios settings that I can access. Yes, I did hit F10 and got what hp calls a bios utility. The only thing changeable is the date and time.
Windows 7 is simply unnacceptable. Any real guidance in getting xp (any version) installed would be immensely appreciated.
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  1. I think this is a hard drive controller failure.
    I doubt this will run xp.
  2. Hi,
    I do hope this isn't the last word on this problem.
    I have decidedly not given up yet!
    Windows 7 is an abortion I can do without. Not quite as bad as Vista, but Vista just did the abortion with a rusty coathanger. 7 used a butter knife so not as bloody.

    If Linux will load then there has got to be a way to load xp.
  3. As I said, not giving up.

    Last night I built a new xp install using nlite. My laptop is a G7-1139WM and has an Intel 5 series 4 port SATA ahci controller. I had nlite install the driver for it during install and also had service pack 3 installed of course.
    This morning I loaded it up and it works!
    Since I backed up the swsetup folder from the original Win7 install onto a flash drive, I was then able to manually install drivers for most of the ?Device instances in the device manager by having it update and look in that folder. Some things required an installation of .Netframework 3.5, which i did, and some more of the ?Devices got to working properly.
    Still working on a video driver that seems to be Win7 specific so looking...

    Great progress finally after more than a week of messing around with various things that were supposed to work, but didn't.

    Maybe this will encourage others who are being forced to use crappy operating systems because manufacturers get paid to use them to dump Win7 and put back XP!

    Will update when more progress happens.
  4. As of this morning, everything is working fine except I seem to have lost my sound!
    When xp first loaded up the other day, sound was there because I heard the windows startup sounds, but somewhere in loading drivers, I seem to have messed up the sound because now there is just a faint, if you listen real hard, barely audible amount of volume. Its like the volume needs to be turned up, but it is already up to max.
    In device manager, everything looks good. No yellow flags.
    I'm sure I'm missing something, but not sure how to proceed.

    Well, considering progress so far, I guess this is minor stuff, and I'll just have to slog along until I figure it out.....
  5. Today's insight:
    Plug in external speakers to the headphone jack and they work great!
    Unplug and the laptop speakers do nothing.
    The control panel settings are for laptop stereo speakers and I have tried all the other settings including NO Speakers just to see what would happen. No difference at all.

    I'm surprised no one has commented or made suggestions. Guess this site wasn't the best pick for my project...
  6. I'm sad nobody replied and kept you around. Hope you're still loosely watching. I'm trying to get XP on a G7 also, and not getting past the BSOD with the 7B error code. I have the latest driverpaks and all hotfixes since SP3 slipstreamed onto my install disc, but no luck. Would like to hear more about your nLite driver fix. Was it done as a 3rd party hotfix?
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