Graphics card problem?

Hi i just built my first new computer i am wondering when i connect the graphics card power and power on the PC there is no display, bios or anything. , If i disconnect the power to the graphics card there IS display and bios. So I went ahead and tried to install win7 but then fail to boot CD. is it the graphics card problem?

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  1. If you had problem tell detail your spec? How can people help you, if doesn't know anything
  2. oops. my motherboard is z68x-ud3h-bd with core i5 2nd gen processor, my graphics card is amd radeon hd 6950, my powersupply is corsair tx750 v2.

    i also notice if i don't plug in the graphics card when i press power button the fan on the graphics card run at max speed and loud and there is display and bios and mobo lights stay on longer, but when i plug the power into graphics card the fan on the graphics card is quiet but show no display or anything and mobo lights turn off in around 30sec.
  3. Try use onboard firt, and then go bios, disabled chip internal graphic (igp) dan save . Remove cable AC from psu, put hd6950, double check all cable connection. Try turn on pc .. ?
  4. where are you pluggin in the display cable?
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