Amd athlon x2 (2.2 ghz) or Pentium dual core (T4200) for laptop???

amd athlon x2 (2.2 ghz) or Pentium dual core (T4200) for laptop ? about heating, cooling and performance, which one is simply better, specially about heating for laptop?
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  1. The T4200 is a 2Ghz (1M cache) 800Mhz FSB 45nm cut down WolfDale CPU which burns at a nice 35Watts.

    It has a higher IPC (Instructions per clock) than the 2.2Ghz Athlon CPU and is more power efficient ... si it is a bit faster despite running at a slightly lower clock speed.

    If the laptops are comparable in options then the T4200 is a better choice all round.
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