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However, the upgrade to 'intel 160gb ssd' is + $403 and a quick search of my favourite supplier's site reveals the intel 320 160gb ssd sells for $308. However, the x25m 160gb is $448.

What gives? Is the 34nm nand worth $140 more? Is the drive that much better. I like the 320 for the 'super caps'. Either way I would like an intel ssd for the power consumption and reliability. So help me out? I'm thinking of ordering the x1 with the spinning disk and just replace with a 320. Any comments, opinions, or help?
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    The Intel X25-M series is an older model that is being phased out.

    The Intel 320 series is supposed to be an improved model.

    Intel did not reduce the price of the older X25-M series.

    Intel will be introducing additional new series next Fall.
  2. Right. I tend to agree. Interesting that they did not reduce the 'G2' prices when the 'G3' came in.

    I like the 320. Think I'll buy. It will be a really nice addition to my server when she gets the next upgrade in a couple of years.
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