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is it Possible to change the MAC ID of the Intel 2100 wireless NIC that comes in the Centrino laptops. I have the Wireless LAN suite & it works great. Butim in a network where i need to have a Specific MAC ID to connect. I have looked down all possible Places but havent Been able to figure out where to change the Hardware Address of the NIC
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  1. If the card and software (either the driver or a utility) will allow it. If the driver is setup to allow spoofing then it will usually be in the configure device radio button section of the driver. I guess there's an outside chance you could change it in the BIOS since it's a centrino but not likely.

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  2. I really doubt that you can change the MAC address of a card. The MAC address are assigned by the manufacturer and they make sure that only one station has a particular MAC address. Some cards with spoofing can change the MAC address, but they are not regular cards like the Intel.

    Also, you should not be forced to a have a specific MAC address to connect to a network since it would mean that all the station would need the same MAC address and thus there is no way to differentiate between two stations resulting in a very bad connection.

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  3. Yeah, I didn't really digest the original post. What exactly do you mean you need a specific MAC addy? If your talking about wireless MAC filtering you would just give the person administering the WLAN your MAC and he/she would add it to the MAC filter list. If you were asking how to circumvent that, in a round about way, then I am sorry I posted a response at all.

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  4. well : I have done it -- it just took me 5 minutes

    - pls dont mind -- But did any one of u tried to understand what i am trying to ask .Changing MAC Id is not a big thing man. u really need to do that if ur stuck thorugh a MAC Filter on Routers etc. So its nothing very BIG i was talking abt. may be u guyz have never striked a mass level Network where these Bondages exist. Plus MAC Add change is first step of Spoofing mechanisms.
    secondly.. May i know what Bios r u talking abt -- ?? the Firmware of the Device ??? -- well kwebb ur just thinking it too Deeply -- If u dont know the Process at all -- Pls dont make discussions Worse confused. I can not Put off the MAC Filtering OFF cos its my ISP who has this Feature so i have to Live with it.
    ---Now the Solution ---
    In my case -- i just had to goto :-

    On the Right Side -- Create a String Value named "NetworkAddress" & put in the new MAC Address in running Digits eg :-000EF6178D65
    & Reboot..
    in a Cmd Prompt -- ipconfig /all & see if ur MAC address is changed ..
    Well this just took me 5 minuted to Figure out. The Registry entries may be different for other Hardware. Anyways Good Luck for future people who may want this to be done
  5. Speak English much? Since your giving out advice heres some for you. Explain your situation a little better. It's still not clear, but anyway, whatever works for ya.

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  6. I don't follow you. You say that the MAC filtering is done by your ISP. Is your ISP a wireless ISP. If so, it's the first time I hear about one, and second it is completly stupid from your ISP to force you to have a particular MAC adress.

    If your ISP is not wireless. And the MAC adress is the one from your wired NIC, then why did you post in the wireless section?

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  7. we get internet over LAN here & to connect to the internet we have to Run a Speacial Client which logs u in with a Username & a Password Supplied to u by the ISP(EliteCore cyberoam 24 online). & we Use Static IP's
    Now the the Server that we connect to traces the MAC Id of the NIC that we r connected from -- so that no one can misuse a user's Perticular A/c.

    Now i have a PC & a laptop(wi-fi) & a D-link 614+ Wireless Router which has Four Wired Ports as well uplinked to my ISP's Lan cable coming into my house. Now comes the problem -- i cant Use the internet connection on both machines b'cos PC's Nic's MAC Id is registerd with the A/c so laptops wireless NIC cant be used. I can change the wired LAN NIC's MAC ID & login with my userrname -- so that implies if i can change the Wireless NIC's MAC Id -- i'll be able to Login Wirelessly as well. But i was Surprised to know that intel doesnt allow the MAC ID change thorugh Pro Software layer bundled with the Centrino.

    Now i can change the Wireless Nic's MAC ID & then i can Login with the same account that i use on my PC -- (Ofcourse not Simultaneously-- one at a time)..
    any other details Or Explainations Needed ?????
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

    Now I understand, that should have been your first post. Now another question when the ISP register your MAC adr, why didn't register the MAC adr of your Router. Did you first connect without the router?

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  9. surely changing the MAC address is simple as

    control panel -->network connections-->right click on wireles connection

    then "configure" the wireless card click the advanced tab and you will have a window with MAC address highlighted, then just type in an address that you wish the card to have.

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  10. One Word ---- Have u ever tried this on a Centrino Machine urself ?? The setting is not there = atleast for the current Driver Versions.. nor is it possible throught PRO network Software

    Did u read my Original Post fully b4 replying ??
  11. Depends solely on the driver. Some have that functionality. Some do not.
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