Cpu and Motherboard compatibility question.

I recently got a quad Xeon x3330 processor (socket 755), and i really want to crossfire 2 ati 4770's. right now my motherboard only supports 1 PCIe x16. so what i'm having trouble with is figuring out if any motherboard that has a cpu socket 755 can support my xeon. thanks in advance~
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  1. Hmmm.

    I don't think any of the crossfire chipsets for LGA 775 support Xeon.
  2. i dont' think that's correct. i just found a few x48 boards that support them Gigabyt's GA-X48-DS5 for one.
    most current 775 boards will detect and run any 775 processor, so long as their fsb is fast enough and they have robust enough voltage converters if it's a hungry processor.
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