Cpu and Motherboard compatibility question.

I recently got a quad Xeon x3330 processor (socket 755), and i really want to crossfire 2 ati 4770's. right now my motherboard only supports 1 PCIe x16. so what i'm having trouble with is figuring out if any motherboard that has a cpu socket 755 can support my xeon. thanks in advance~
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  1. Errr, I'm confused. You want to CrossFire but you're wondering if your CPU is compatible with your mobo? In any case, you'll need a motherboard (what's your current one anyway?) that's capable of CrossFire. If you buy one, it'll most likely support the processor.

    What I'm not sure of is how well the Xeon will run your computer, as consumer software wasn't written to maximize it.
  2. look at the web page of any motherboard and you will find a cpu compatibility link

    if there isnt one the manufacturer is useless and you shouldnt buy their products since you would only be guessing , right .

    are their 755 socket mb's with 2 pci-e x 16 slots?
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