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I have just built a new system and something seems to be wrong. I installed vista and started it up works perfect. So i took it apart and put in an ATi4890 and when i try to start it up, it acts as if theres not enough power and it wont boot. heres what i have

Asus M4A78t-e mboard
phenom 2 4x 3.0 processor
4 gb cosair ram
1tb sata drive
1 dvd burner
and the 4890.

i have a 750 w cosair power supply with the propper connections. It doesnt make sense that this doesnt work does it? As soon as i plug it in and turn it on it just starts some fans, chuggs a bit and the idles with a few fans running.(3) any ideas would be helpful.

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  1. You may need to go back to the onboard video, enter BIOS, and disable onboard video before booting with the 4890 GPU in the system.
  2. hey,

    i tried this but it doesnt even post when i plug it in(the card) its really weird. im questioning weather or not my power supply is just bunk
  3. Sounds like a doa card to me.
  4. Yeah I doubt it's your PSU. If the card is properly seated and you have both 6-pin power sockets populated, but you get no signal from the card, then it is probably the card.
  5. wat he said^
  6. proximan,
    i did what you said and disabled the onboard video, but since i cant get the card to work then now i cant see anything when i boot nomatter what i do, not even the post, but i can hear it booting...
  7. reset the bios, look for a jumper or something
  8. Yes, follow the instructions in your manual to reset the BIOS.
  9. Sounds like the card. Is there another pc you have access to that you could test it in?
  10. hello,

    no unfortuantely i have no other pc to check it on currently. Im thinking its the card so im sending it back doe i guess. Its weird to me though that the whole system sounds and acts like it has too little power (it starts fast then slows to a quiet lull where only a few fans are running. We'll see because for now im stuck with this power supply.
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    Modern ATI cards do that. The fan kicks in hard first thing then adjusts to actual temps.
  12. youre right proximon. Ive got it working and it still does that. I am an idiot and i didnt go into vista and disable the drivers for the asus video part of the motherboard. thats why it wasnt working but it does now. thanks for your help.
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