New drive for Dell Inspiron 1210

Hello. I've been tasked with finding a replacement drive for a dell netbook. The old drive's completely unresponsive.
Upon taking the unit apart I noticed it was using a flatcable for interface. I've not seen that before (nor disassembled any other netbook). What's that interface called? are all 1.8" drives like that? ie. how do I find a suitable replacement drive that I can actually attach?
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  1. I'm not sure it's an 1,8" drive, but I am sure it's not a 2,5" - it's simply not big enough for that. It's an 80GB drive. I'll upload an image from when I had the thing open last week.
  2. OK, but it still sounds like a P-ATA drive. A SATA drive has card edge connectors, a P-ATA drives has pins which a ribbon cable connects to.
  3. ye I know that, but I also know that the netbook is based on an intel chip with sata, so would be surprised if it's pata. Anyway - look at the picture. It's definetly not an old pata system.
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    Why not just go to dell support

    and type in your service tag number. It will list everything that system came with.
  5. I'm on thephone with em atm - not the greatest service I've been subjected to :(
  6. Still on the bloddy phone with the dell people. waiting in one queue, and then the next. Anyhow google found me a toshiba 60GB drive that looks very much like the broken drive. But it costs like 120 € !!!
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  8. Am STILL in queue @ dell phone support. I'm giving up and returning to unit to the owner as non repairable.

    Best phone service ever!
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