Please teach me how to overclock Intel E6420!

I wanna overclock my Intel E6420@2.13 ghz to 2.40 or 2.60-2.80
I went to bios settings and saw my temperatures are 42-43 degrees celsius..

My motherboard is MSI g41m p28. In case you don't know what that is, here's what it looks like and details:

I have 4GB Ram DDR3 PC10600/1333 ,
Sapphire HD5450 1GB DDR3 64 bit (not overclocked)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
600watts power supply
160GB HDD(IDE) gonna upgrade soon to SATA
I also have a DVD rom ASUS brand..

Please tell me if I can overclock my PC with these specs if it's possible to overclock it.. If you do, please share a guide or tutorial

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  1. In your bios do you have any options for the cpu such as multiplier , fsb ,bclk or preprogramed settings for the cpu. In the Asus boards you have the AI Tweaker tab which allows you to make adjustments to the ram and cpu . You can also make voltage adjustments as well. The one thing that Asus has and I don't know about any other boards is they will have preprogramed settings for the ram and cpu. For the ram they have XMP and ROG , and for the cpu they will have a manual , auto and ROG settings. On these preprogramed settings all you have to do is select one and all the adjustments are made for you to achieve a preprogramed clock speed. If you select manual then you have to make the adjustments yourself.
    The basic priciple of overclocking your cpu is to increase the multiplier untill the pc is unstable and then add some voltage or if there is no mulitiplier then increase the fsb/bclk to unstable and then add voltage . You would only add voltage in small increments untill your pc is stable. It can be a tediuos process but if done right you will have a stable overclocked Pc.
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    in your bios go to cell menu, disable spread spectrum and eist, increase your FSB frequency and CPU ratio to get the speed you want. start slow and work your way up. make sure you are not over clocking your ram to much, keep an eye on its clock speed and adjust the ratio to compensate. its better to get the cpu stable and down clock your ram than to deal with both over clocking your cpu and ram together. get one stable then work on the other.

    make sure you have your 4 pin power connector plugged into the MB.

    i do not see any voltage options in your bios... this could make things difficult.

    also make sure your bios are updated, the latest version supports better cpu throttling and the previous update improves cpu microcode.
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