Onboard sound card installation

hi i have an onboard sound card and it wont install. every single time i try to install realtek audio driver it pops up saying 'a configuration or hardware problem has occured please check ur hardware and try again'
im out of ideas please help!!!
my mother board model p4pvm800 i dont knw how that could help tho =)

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    Hey, yes i have the exact same motherboard on an older computer!

    and i was running into the same problem.

    Use the one specific for your OS (Probably Xp.)


    By telling me your motherboard you just saved yourself a massive amount of time.

  2. Its a SoundMAX chip not a Realtek.
  3. omg thankyou so much you are a lifesaver
    my sound does work now THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!
    ur awesome ;)
  4. Haha, No problem!

    Glad i could help someone out with something that gave me a headache for hours!
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